Fast & stable screw pile foundation for your building

Lay your foundations with fast and cost-effective PM Plus screw pile solutions, which is a better alternative than standard concrete foundation methods.


The company “PM PLUS” is a construction company with a wide range of offers, expertise, and many years of experience in construction, providing all types of foundation construction, construction of residential and non-residential buildings, quality inspection, production, and installation, using modern technologies to achieve the highest quality.

We perform static and dynamic testing of screw piles and concrete piles. We are enclosing the temporary construction site with vibratory submersible piles and installing a “Berlin” type retaining wall.

The company has cooperation agreements with leading manufacturing companies in Latvia and Europe, so we can offer special prices to our customers.

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Screw pile services

screw pile foundations for construction

We manufacture and assemble round and square tube shank screw piles.

The number, thickness, and diameter of the blades, as well as the diameter and thickness of the shank, are produced depending on the loads, soil types, technical tasks.

The length of the screw piles is from 1.5m to 4.0m, which can be extended to the required length during assembly. The piles can be coated with zinc or paint.

Depending on the length and type of soil, the load-bearing capacity of screw piles can reach 30 tons.

Screw piles can be combined in a concrete grid to increase the load-bearing capacity. Piles are a quick-to-assemble and durable type of foundation, which is especially well suited for the construction of wooden houses.

Our products are certified, all products have a declaration of conformity. We are a company that can offer guaranteed quality of screw piles with certifying CE documentation, which is very important because the market is crowded with “garage” products.


Screw pile prices depend on the pile parameters – cross-sectional size, length, diameter, quantity of piles in the order, as well as the location of the construction site. Please call us for more information. To compile an estimate, please send us the project and geology to us by e-mail.
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Screw pile advantages



Pile foundations – a stable construction that allows to transfer the load from the building to the dense load-bearing ground with the help of piles. This is especially true if the upper soil layer is not load-bearing. For the foundations to withstand the entire load of the building, they must rest on dense ground.

The driven pile not only stops in the stable soil but also compacts the soil around the barrel during their assembly, which gives additional load-bearing capacity and stability to the pile.

Concrete piles have a cold load-bearing capacity and high durability.

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Construction of reinforced concrete pile foundations

Pile cross-section up to 400x400mm. This type of pile is used in the construction of industrial and apartment buildings, where a high load-bearing capacity of piles is required.

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Classic concrete foundations

We offer to build concrete prefabricated foundations, monolithic strip foundations, as well as column-shaped concrete foundations. The type of concrete foundation is usually designed for the construction of block houses, in areas with a dense type of soil. Construction of this type of foundation requires more time and amount of materials. Usually, concrete foundations are made of prefabricated concrete blocks, assembled with the help of a crane, or embedded in concrete formwork.

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"H" profile piles

Corrugated piles are used to enclose construction pits, trenches, or other enclosures, to strengthen embankments, and to prevent ground subsidence.

Pile piles can be left on-site as a permanent structure or dismantled after the completion of another work cycle

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Drive piles and mini drive concrete piles

Cross section for this type of piles from 100x100mm, up to 200x200mm.

These piles can be used in the construction of apartment buildings and private houses, towers, bridges, hangars, construction, as well as hydraulic facilities.

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Pāļu pārbaude uz neststpēju

The test is performed to make sure that the piles calculated in the design provide the required load-bearing capacity. Pile loading is done with the help of a hydrodomcrate. The load is gradually increased to the maximum of the test. The vertical displacement of the pile is constructed with cold precision gauges. After the results of the pile test, the other piles are assembled or the design is adjusted.

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Best screw pile application:

The most effective use of screw piles is in combination with wooden constructions, structures, and wooden frame houses.
When ordering screw pile foundations together with building frame construction, we offer our customers a discount.
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Foundation construction master SIA “PM PLUS” is a construction company with a wide range of offers, expertise and many years of experience in construction, providing with all types of foundation construction and other construction works.


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